aero® Sudden Death - 5 Gal. Pail

aero® Sudden Death - 5 Gal. Pail

Item # ABC653005SA

  • Concentrated, non-selective, non-residual, contact vegetation killer. When used as directed, will kill most forms of plant growth without damage to soil.
  • May be diluted with water
  • Dilution: Varies, refer to label
  • Black/odorless/pH: 6.0; Gal. Pictured
5 Gal. Pail, ea
Manufacturers Item #LA530-5
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Available in various sizes.

Black/odorless/pH: 6.0; Gal. Pictured.

  • Absorption and herbicidal action is usually rapid with effects visible in a few days.
  • Active Ingredient: 1.85% diquat dibromide.