Get to Know Us!

Phoenix Research was originally founded as a Chemical Manufacturer in 1978. We’ve since developed our business model to wholesaler and employ 40+ sales representatives. We ship goods into many regions across the United States. Arthur Feldman, CEO, has proven that Phoenix can prosper by providing an unforgettable experience for our customers and vendors; service, honesty, and expertise in the wholesale janitorial business is what drives us!

A Wide Range of Satisfied Clients

We service many different industries! Both our Local B2B customers and our out-of-state clients benefit from comprehensive consultation, customized programs, installation, and ongoing equipment service. They have access to over 1,500 stocked SKU’s and thousands of other products. Our customer service and order fill rates are outstanding!

Grocery Wholesalers, State and Federal Agencies, Animal Care Facilities, Medical Facilities, Industrial and Automotive, Assisted Living, Houses of Worship, Major Manufacturers, Convenience Stores, and much more.