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McLane Company, Inc.®
Imperial Trading®
HT Hackney
Grocery Supply Company
The W.L. Petry Full Service Advantage
National Association of Convenience Stores®

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Convenience Store Team

Sandy Barocas
Executive VP Sales

Email: sbarocas@phoenixresearch.net

Office: 770.455.7310 x 202

Cell: 404.277.3265

Harrison Barocas
Sales Representative 

Email: hbarocas@phoenixresearch.net

Office: 770.455.7310 x 208

Cell: 404.545.1186

Jimmy Caras
Sales Representative

Email: jimmy.caras@yahoo.com

Office: 770.455.7310 x 207

Cell: 404.245.4225

Andrew Greenberg
Sales Representative

Email: andrew@phoenixresearch.net

Office: 770.455.7310 x 211

Cell: 678.221.1226

Jim Lloyd
Sales Representative

Email: jlloyd@phoenixresearch.net

Office: 770.455.7310

Cell: 678.371.6502

Carrie Perkins
Sales Representative

Email: cperkins@phoenixresearch.net

Office: 770.455.7310

Cell: 270.735.3219